About Us

My style started as a little kid, all I wanted was for mom’s to buy me a fresh new pair of Jordan’s for my birthday. Not many kids had $150 dollars shoes. She worked her a** off to make sure that I had a pair. I’ve always been fashionable through Jr. High and High School I was always known for always being fresh with dope kicks. At 15 I made my first T-shirt in a graphic arts class at my high school and realized that fashion was what I wanted to get into. Fashion is something that is in my blood, something that I’m passionate about and love after I made that shirt I knew that no one could stop me; I was going to change the game!! I’ve had the concept for “I’m Next” for a long time now but I pursued another one of my dreams which is football. After college I was provided the opportunity to play football over in Finland and show them what’s up. It was truly a blessing playing ball overseas; I traveled all over Europe and got a good sense of the fashion tip over there. Back in the states now and its about to get real; my focus is on designing my clothing and creating dope gear. No more standing on the sidelines, I’m Next!! I’m going in and can’t no body stop me now. I know so many people have their dreams too! Everyone has a desire to be the next great person pursuing their dreams. The journey has begun; make sure you stay tuned… Marques Dailey